MEDX Ventures Group, founded in 2010, is an investment and management company with offices in Israel, USA and Europe. The company believes in active management (as opposed to passive investment), and is focusing on medical ventures and technologies in Israel while utilizing the Company’s unique X Model to include its core Development, Regulatory, Commercial and Finance team that manages a portfolio of ventures.

MEDX Ventures Group capitalizes on its global presence while utilizing Israel’s unique research, development and operations capabilities in the field; As such the company focuses on smart investment, reduced risk, short time to market and efficient return on investment.

MEDX Ventures Group is led by highly experienced medical device management and investment team from different aspects of the business to ensure the Company’s X Model is fully implemented and executed in each of its activities and ventures. In addition, the company continuously seeks alliances with global industry leaders, beginning in project development stage, to ensure medical innovations become the life changing reality for patients and providers, while becoming a profitable business to all stakeholders and generating attractive return for investors.

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